Salvageable Items in a Home Demolition

Did you know that waste from demolition and deconstruction is one of the major contributors to environmental degradation? The rise in home renovations has increased tons of waste in landfills, especially in the United States of America. Environmental activists have been on the frontline to push for recycling and reusing measures to reduce waste on the environment. Before the demolition process is planned, homeowners should analyze some items that need to be salvaged. Some of the salvageable materials can be sold and bring extra income to the owners. The article below outlines some of the salvageable materials during deconstruction and renovation.

Wood Material

Wood is one of the best salvage items due to its durability-during a renovation or deconstruction activity. Wood items can be recycled and put into other useful purposes such as in flooring, making of countertops, or paneling. While salvaging, the homeowners can decide to do the process by themselves or hire an independent contractor for that purpose. Many people do not prefer the DIY method because it is tiresome and time-consuming.

Bricks and Tiles

Bricks and tiles are easy to salvage but should not be used in the renovation as they undergo disintegration with time. Numerous companies need salvaged bricks and tiles that they can remake using technology and sell them. Contacting such companies before the onset of a demolition process will enable the homeowner to get an income while reducing waste going into the landfills.

Home Fixtures and Fittings

Home appliances such as bathtubs, sinks, valves, and water taps are other items that need to be considered before the demolition activity begins. These items can be carefully removed from a building and sold to a second-hand dealer for some cash.


Instead of budgeting for new windows, homeowners can improve the old ones to match their needs. A salvaging process will help save the cost of acquiring new window panes, helping cut the process’s cost. If homeowners do not want to reuse their new buildings, they can sell to other dealers or salvaging companies.

Environmental concern is one of the main issues in demolition processes. Planning on the salvaging of items helps in making proper use of unwanted goods. There are numerous recycling companies to sell salvaged items. Before the demolition process, homeowners should ensure that they have followed the states’ laws and regulations in which they are residing.

Originally published on Alex Simpson’s website.

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