Real Estate Mistakes to Avoid

While there is certainly money to be made in real-estate investing, there are definite real-estate mistakes investors want to avoid making. Luckily, taking the time to do adequate research can help an investor avoid many of these pitfalls. Concocting and executing a buying strategy to achieve long-term goals is paramount to success.

Before buying a property, investors should know what they want to do with it. Some investors buy with the intention of renting, and others may want to flip the property. Buying a home or property without a clear idea of what one wants to do with it is not a good idea. In addition, every purchase needs to be preceded with clear research. For example, how much are comparable properties selling for? This is where a real estate broker will come in handy because they have access to databases with many listings. Knowing what a property is worth will help investors avoid overbidding or overpaying.

One of the major real-estate mistakes investors may make is not thoroughly researching a location. This includes looking into any problems a neighborhood or town might have, as well as considering who your ideal tenant or buyer is. For example, students may want access to mass transit and hangout areas, whereas a family may prize good schools and a low crime rate.

Another common real-estate mistake is neglecting to perform a careful estimation of costs. Cost is much more than the mortgage payment. It includes many facets, such as insurance, maintenance, and any renovations. Without this careful calculation, eager real-estate investors may once again end up overbidding or overpaying for the property purchased.

Some investors make the real-estate mistake of wanting to do everything oneself. Successful investors usually have a team of professionals in their corner composed of real-estate brokers, attorneys, insurance representatives, handymen, and home inspectors. This takes some pressure off trying to know and do everything alone, which can create problems later.

Ideally, a real-estate investor should know what they want to do with the property and what it is worth. They should also avoid real-estate mistakes by performing local research, a careful estimation of costs and assembling a team of competent professionals. These actions will help investors be successful long-term.

Originally published on Alex Simpson’s website.

Alex Simpson is the proud Construction Manager for BCPM Limited and based in Papua New Guinea. Visit for more information!