How to Give Employee Feedback

When dealing with employees, it is necessary to keep communication channels open. Communication allows effective feedback for entrepreneurs managing their workers. For the teammates to take in feedback well, it is good for them to learn how to do this. It might take a moment for the employers to understand effective feedback. With the guidelines on the feedback approach, entrepreneurs can manage their employees well. Here are outstanding feedback tips for entrepreneurs:

  • Learn employees are different

When managing workers, it is important to see that they are different in many ways. Employees will understand feedback differently. It proves that entrepreneurs are engaged when offering feedback with the employees in mind. Some may more easily understand and internalize feedback than others.

  • Continue giving feedback

When a person understands the ability to take feedback, entrepreneurs must continue to do this regularly. It is common for a person to forget the intended feedback. So, great entrepreneurs will not give up on offering the expected feedback. Employers can have a schedule when to talk with their employees about their opinion. It may happen in formal meetings or have a one on one with the workers.

  • Choose where to give feedback

Any form of feedback can be overwhelming to the workers. Thus, employers need to see the best place and moment they can offer their views. It is fitting to consider giving positive feedback when in public forums. It will lift the employee’s confidence and encourage others to do their best. With negative feedback, it is best to choose a private place with the staff. He or she will not feel down, and it will be easier to take things positively.

  • Use the `compliment sandwich’ method

The compliment sandwich approach is effective for feedback. Here, it indicates employers ought to start with positive feedback and follow with negative feedback. After this, they have to offer another good feedback. From here, entrepreneurs should present excellent ways to employees for them to make the necessary changes.

Final thoughts

Every entrepreneur can make a change in how they handle his or her staff. Effective feedback will lead to good behaviors in the workers. It should also build trust between workers and their bosses. Entrepreneurs should embrace these guidelines for a better business environment.

Originally published at on July 1, 2021.

Alex Simpson is the proud Construction Manager for BCPM Limited and based in Papua New Guinea. Visit for more information!