Hiring managers are always looking for the best person to fill a position. But what happens when you’re not sure which of two equally qualified candidates to hire? How do you know who the better candidate is? One way is by understanding how different types of people will approach problems and tasks on the job. In this guide, we’ll take a look at eight personality traits that can help to hire managers to make an informed decision about which candidate would be suitable for their company:

1) Curiosity

Curiosity is one of the essential traits for any employee to have. It’s also…

Purchasing a home is an exciting time that marks a new beginning for many people. But obtaining your dream home can certainly be a process that people aren’t always prepared for.

One common situation that occurs in the homebuying process is a bidding war. A bidding war occurs when there are multiple buyers for one property.

This doesn’t just increase competition but pushes buyers to think of creative ways to get the attention of the seller and ultimately get their offer chosen.

Today we’re going to share 3 tips to help you win a bidding war and get the home…

Leadership is always a matter of adjustment, a host of responsibilities, difficulties, and massive expectations. To be an effective leader one must win the confidence of their followers. However, leaders can only establish and maintain efficient teams by getting buy-in for their vision.

This is a critical point to think about when individuals seek to improve the state of the organization. It is not easy to do because of the forces of inertia and friction that exist in established organizations. But it is necessary to do so to improve the value of the organization over time. …

There are times in life that people need to choose between hiring a contractor and doing it themselves. Before deciding between the two, they need to be sure that they have all the points required for the selection. We shall look at the key factors they need to consider as they make their choice.


When one selects DIY, they can control the timeline on how they want the project to move. As one runs the project, they give it the personal touch by personally deciding on all the details. The feeling they get after they have completed the house gives…

Notably, many homeowners have high monthly energy costs. The rise in expenses is because of overusing energy. Therefore, homeowners need to be aware of the power they use and ensure they use it sparingly. The following are ways that they can improve the energy efficiency in their homes.

Avoid Using Hot Water To Wash

Homeowners need to understand that washing with hot water consumes more energy. Therefore, the best thing will be to use cold water when washing if the clothes are not very soiled. Some detergents perform well even with cold water, and hence they should opt for them.

Be Careful With Electronics and Appliances

Home appliances and electronics tend to…

When dealing with employees, it is necessary to keep communication channels open. Communication allows effective feedback for entrepreneurs managing their workers. For the teammates to take in feedback well, it is good for them to learn how to do this. It might take a moment for the employers to understand effective feedback. With the guidelines on the feedback approach, entrepreneurs can manage their employees well. Here are outstanding feedback tips for entrepreneurs:

  • Learn employees are different

When managing workers, it is important to see that they are different in many ways. Employees will understand feedback differently. It proves that entrepreneurs…

No matter the size of the business, there is often a great leadership foundation behind the success of that business. Workers want to believe in the people that they are following, to know that their best interests are being looked after, not just the bottom line.

But what are some effective leadership strategies you can use when building a successful business? Here are a few crucial strategies.

Establish Core Values

Without core values, getting a team to follow you is going to be a challenge. Those core values are who you are, what you believe in, and what you present…

Did you know that waste from demolition and deconstruction is one of the major contributors to environmental degradation? The rise in home renovations has increased tons of waste in landfills, especially in the United States of America. Environmental activists have been on the frontline to push for recycling and reusing measures to reduce waste on the environment. Before the demolition process is planned, homeowners should analyze some items that need to be salvaged. Some of the salvageable materials can be sold and bring extra income to the owners. …

Sustainability is not a trend. Over the past several decades there has been a movement striving towards changing the way we handle our influence on the environment. The majority of these approaches aim to improve the way we manage not only environmental issues, but also financial and social issues in the long term. Contrary to popular belief, a sustainable business approach can be just as effective and successful as any other model.

There are a number of ways in which leaders can build and maintain a successful, sustainable business. When business places sustainability as a core principle within the organisation…

In the digital age, you’d be hard-pressed to find an industry that has not been majorly impacted by technology. Publications such as Forbes, The Economist, and Bloomberg are constantly sharing articles about the use of new technologies. Things such as big data, loT or Internet of Things, blockchain, and AI (artificial intelligence) are always trending.

These new technologies are all transforming how business is conducted in their own unique way. The real estate industry is no exception. …

Alex Simpson

Alex Simpson is the proud Construction Manager for BCPM Limited and based in Papua New Guinea. Visit Alex-Simpson.org for more information!

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